Cassie Bernall
When Cassie was alive Misty and Brad would call her " Bunny Rabbit" There is a bunny etched in her head stone and always a stone bunny or two on her grave.
I had lived in my house four years prior to the shooting and had seen all kinds of wild life in my yard. My next door neighbor has an acre and a half and had been collecting junk since the early forties or late thirties. There were a few old junk trucks back there and the fox would come every year and have pups under one of them, or just stay for a week or so and move on. I had seen fox, even a silver one had come for a few days once. Raccoons, owls, snakes, had a bob cat follow me up the driveway one night though they are supposed to be afraid of people. But never in those four years did I ever see a rabbit in my yard.
Sleep came hard for the first few weeks after the shooting and generally I would get an hour or two and then I was up for three or four hours and then I would go back to bed and finish up the night. The second night after the shooting I stepped out on my front porch at about two in the morning and there laying in the grass on either side of my yard were two bunnies. I knew that God had put them there and that this was His way of telling me He was going to see me through this time.
I had a bunny running around my driveway every night for the next six months. Then one night I was watching it and I said "Thank You, God, but I am Ok now and wont need this any more" and just like that it was gone.
About a month before the first anniversary emotions began to run high again and God brought the bunny back and it was there in my driveway again for three months.
Sometimes now I will see a bunny in my yard or driveway and I always know that God is about to do something new and different in my life.
Jesus PROMISED that he would never leave us nor forsake us. We all go through hard times and periodically we have to walk through the fire. Bad things happen in our lives. I believe now that God always gives us a bunny rabbit to get us through hard times though most of the time we have to look for it. The thing I find in my own life that is really awesome is that sometimes I get to be the bunny rabbit in somebody else's life.
Sherman Jorgensen----Cassie Bernall's Uncle